Do you know these 4 necessary survival skills?

You’re stranded in the wilderness, nobody is around and darkness is falling. Can you get yourself through the night safely?

 Survival expert Creek Stewart, author of Build The Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, says that it’s not a case of if disaster will strike but when.   These are the 12 survival skills you have to know:  


1 – Choosing a Suitable Campsite Avoid a site where water may flow into your camp, and pick somewhere free from natural dangers like insects and widow-makers (dead branches that may fall down in the night) as well as any rocks. You also need to be close to dry wood for your shelter and for a fire, anything you can shelter against and close to running water.


  2 – Building a Shelter Hypothermia is one of the largest killers in cold weather. This means that a well built shelter should be the top of your priorities in a long term survival situation. Find a tree resting at an angle or a tie a large branch securely to a standing tree and stack small branches close together on one side, to build yourself a lean to. On top of the branches layer up leaves and moss and other debris. Lastly, insulate yourself from the ground with four to six  inches of debris to lie on.


3 – Start a fire with a Battery Any battery will do, it’s all about short-circuiting the battery. Connect the negative and positive terminals with a wire, foil or steel wool to make a spark to put onto your tinder bundle so make sure you have your fire ready!  


4 – Build your fire There are four key components to building a fire. These are a tinder bundle of dry fibrous material (Cotton balls covered in Vaseline or lip balm if you have it) and wood in 3 sizes; toothpick, Q-tip and pencil. Use a forearm size log to build a base and keep the wind out. Once you’ve lit the tinder stack the small kindling on the larger log, like a lean to and keep adding larger kindling as the flame grows, until it’s hot enough for bigger logs.